QVeye for PC Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac Free Download

QVeye for PC Windows & Mac: QVeye for PC is an excellent video surveillance app developed by the meyetech for the desktop platforms. With the QVeye PC app, you can take control of your workplace or your residence from anywhere remotely and monitor the things happening in the real-time. With lots of advancements in technology, watching things that are taking place in your home or workplace seems to be very simple as with the surveillance applications that are developed. It is indeed must to pick up the right solution as there are a plethora of video surveillance applications available in the store. However, QVeye PC app is one best-of-its kind to monitor the happenings live. With the QVeye app, you can remotely monitor and control the embedded sources or otherwise termed as the cameras from anywhere. It is based on the independent user account management and thus manages all your cameras remotely with an internet connection. Take complete advantage of your place as QVeye Mac PC app is for those consider safety and security as their primary thing. Get a real-time preview of multiple cameras in fine quality right on your Windows or Mac desktop PC with this surveillance camera app.

With the QVeye PC app, you will be getting up-to-date live recordings on your desktop, and thus you can monitor and control the things happening. You no more have to worry about what is going on in your place upon your absence when you have QVeye app. It is the best tool to get live feeds and even playback the recorded videos right on your desktop PC. Thus with the QVeye app’s installation, you will get complete information as in the form of live videos or recorded videos.

QVeye for PC

QVeye for PC

QVeye PC app download lets you get connected and control a variety of embedded sources like the  Digital Video Recorder (DVRs), Network Video Recorder, Network Camera, Network speed dome, and encoders. With the equipment management feature of the QVeye Mac app, you can control any of those embedded sources or cameras from the device you have connected with ease. Besides giving the live preview, it also lets you monitor the recorded videos to playback remotely on your desktop PC. It also supports alarm settings, and thus you will never miss any live video as with the QVeye PC app. Use the local playback option to play videos recorded locally from within the app. You can even watch the server videos aside viewing the live videos from this monitoring app. You can take the screenshots of any videos from the live video or remote playback videos. With the local configuration, you can get a video range of support like PTZ control, debug log, and more.

QVeye for PC Windows and Mac – Specifications

The key specifications of QVeye PC Download are here

Software Name: QVeye
Software Author Name: meyetech
License: Freeware
Software Categories: PlayStore
Supporting Operating Systems
: Windows, Mac
Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit
Languages: Multiple languages
File size:  9.5 MB

QVeye – How it Works For PC Windows and Mac?

QVeye PC app is a remote surveillance application that lets you take control of your desired location by monitoring the happenings from anywhere. It is one of the best and a staggering app that can be easily installed upon its successful download. You have to initially start with the login id and password as with the QVeye app signup. From the main menu of the surveillance app, you will get many options to take control of your surveillance camera and the place. It is an ultimate tool to monitor the things happening in your home or workplace remotely. Tap on the real-time monitoring option to watch live videos from your embedded sources that are connected to your device. You can easily modify, add, or delete any devices that are connected to this surveillance app with the device manager option available in the main menu.

QVeye for PC

QVeye for PC

With the QVeye PC app, you can easily watch the server and local videos as with the server video option and local video option. You can set alerts for any important camera from within the app, and you will get notified with alarm notification. Thus, you will never miss any events that take place upon your absence. You can instantly capture screenshots from the videos that are playing or from the recorded playback for any future reference without any hassle. Changing the password is so much simple and easy as with the QVeye PC app download. With the local configuration, you can pinch to zoom and view things in a closer view. Custom alarm sound and the languages as there are many to choose from. Use the play tools like play, pause, stop and resume any videos that are played on your desktop PC.

Features of QVeye for PC Windows and Mac here

The following feature expresses the functions of QVeye for PC and Mac in a better way in a shorter manner but in a much more efficient way. As a user, you are now advised to take a look at all the salient features of QVeye once before proceeding further.

QVeye for PC

QVeye for PC

Live Preview: Quickly monitor the things happening remotely with the Live Preview option of QVeye for Windows PC download and take control of them on the happenings on the go right from anywhere.

Remote Playback: It is easy and simple to remotely playback any recorded video feed with the QVeye app PC as it will store the video feeds locally on your PC that sorts it with time and date.

Manage Recordings: You can efficiently manage all the videos recorded and the screenshots you have taken from the live videos or recorded playback videos with the QVeye for PC Windows 7 app.

Set Alarm Notifications: With the QVeye PC app, you can set the alarm output, control it, or you can set alarm notification for the different cameras within the app.

PTZ Support: The Pinch-to-Zoom support of the QVeye Windows PC app lets you easily zoom in or zoom out, and you can watch the recorded video feeds clearly.

Related Apps for QVeye for PC Windows and Mac

The related apps of QVeye for Mac are given below & Download the QVeye app now

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Download QVeye PC for Windows and Mac

QVeye PC is compatible with all sort of Windows and Mac Versions using Bluestacks, and it is applicable for both 32-bit and 64-bit users. Get QVeye Mac now.

QVeye for PC Windows

Click the link below and Download QVeye for PC Windows  

 Download QVeye App for PC Windows Using Bluestacks

QVeye for Mac PC

Click the link below and Download QVeye for Mac

Download QVeye for Mac Using Bluestacks

Procedure to Download and Install QVeye PC Windows and Mac

The simple and efficient steps for download and install QVeye on your PC with less complexity and promptly.

QVeye for PC

QVeye for PC

  • The QVeye app cannot be downloaded, unlike other regular apps. To download the QVeye app, you need to go by an alternative way that is by using an emulator.
  • The emulator will give full access to its users to download all the Android apps on your Windows PC as well as on the Mac PC.
  • BlueStacks is one of the famous Android emulators that is used to get Qveye for Windows PC, and it can be used for Mac PC.
  • To get the QVeye application on your Windows PC first download the Android emulator on your desktop PC.
  • Once after the download and installation of BlueStacks get completed, open the emulator and search for the latest version of QVeye, and wait till the app appears.
  • Then from the search result, you can download the QVeye app from the BlueStacks emulator based on your Operating Systems.
  • Now get the QVeye app and launch it on your PC by following the installation procedures.
  • In few minutes the QVeye app will complete its installation on your PC and is ready for your use.

Summary of QVeye

QVeye app is an excellent surveillance application that lets you monitor the live videos on your device. Take control of your home or workplace right from your place with an internet connection on the go. Connect the embedded sources with the QVeye app With the independent user account management, you can easily manage your account and the settings of the app remotely. Get the real-time preview with this app to monitor the happenings or remotely playback the recorded videos at any point later with the QVeye app. Use the play tools like play, pause, stop, and more of options while playing the videos. You can also take screenshots of any video to refer it at any time with one click. One another important feature of the QVeye app is it lets to Pinch-to-Zoom and view the picture of the recording. It is a worth using surveillance application that lets you take care of your home or office remotely.

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